eCommerce For Everyone

Getting an online store up and running should not require a team of computer scientists. 

Offering your local customers delivery should also not cost you an arm and a leg in "marketing fees".


Shopl® is a new eCommerce platform that makes it easy for anyone to get an online store up and running. 

Whether you run a retail store or a restaurant, if you need to start selling online you'll love the simplicity of Shopl®. Offering your local customers delivery or safe pickup options has never been this easy. 
Already have an online store? No problem. You can still sign up and sell goods or takeout food through our mighty fine mobile app. Shopl® lets you automatically import your products from your Shopify™ store, Woo Commerce™, Square™, and even Instagram™.


Mobile Friendly

Create a simple, mobile-friendly online shop in minutes.

Restaurant Friendly

Shopl® works great for restaurants offering takeout delivery

Unlimited Products

Add and sell an unlimited number of products, or tasty menu items.

Order Manager

Shopl® makes it very easy to manage your orders.

Custom Domain

Setting up your own custom domain name is no problem.

Pay As You Go

No setup or monthly fees. Shopl® charges a tiny transaction fee.

Local Delivery

Set a delivery area radius and start offering local customers delivery

Local Pickup

Offer local customers in-store or curbside pick up options.


Offer to ship stuff if customers live outside your local delivery radius.

Import Products

Import your products from popular platforms like Shopify™

Secure Payments

Process credit card payments, securely, with Stripe™ 

Mobile App

All shops and restaurants are accessible through our mobile app. 

Import Your Products

Already selling online? No problem. You can still sell stuff, or get takeout food orders through our mobile app.Sign up to sell, and automatically import all your products from a growing number of popular platforms


Let's Make It

More ConvenientTo Shop Local 

Online marketplaces like Amazon are hard for people to resist because of the convenience they offer, despite the detrimental effect they have on local retail. Everything in one place, delivered to your door in a day or two is hard to beat.

Our goal is to eventually be an online marketplace where consumers can find everything in one place, but with an important twist. Local first!
Along with providing businesses with a browser-based online store, Shopl's main claim to fame is our all-in-one marketplace app. Unlike our web stores that anyone can access from anywhere, our app exclusively displays retailers and restaurants within a few miles from the user's delivery address.

Buying local is good for your local economy. It's also much more likely that your purchase will be delivered to your door within minutes or hours, not days. Now that's convenience!


Our App

Shopl's user-friendly mobile app lets users buy goods from various local shops, and order takeout food from nearby restaurants—all in one app.


Our App makes it easy to shop local

As a buyer using the Shopl® App, you can only see and support shops located within a 50-mile radius, as well as restaurants within 15 miles.

Everyone knows buying local is good for one's local economy. However, it can sometimes be more convenient to buy stuff from online stores and marketplaces that are not local.
We want to make it easy and convenient for you to shop local, buy letting you browse and buy stuff from multiple retailers, all in the palm of your hand.
One app, one user account with one credit card on file for multiple shops and restaurants. Since you are buying goods from local shops, somebody will likely deliver your purchase to your door within hours, not days. How's that for convenient?

Shopl® also lets you order food from nearby restaurants. Like any other takeout delivery app, this app enables you to browse various restaurants, order delicious food, and have it delivered to your door. Shopl® is different than other takeout apps in one crucial regard: we only charge restaurants a 2.9% transaction fee. Other popular takeout and delivery apps charge restaurants up to 30% in "marketing fees!" When you order food through Shopl®, you're putting profits back into your favorite restaurants' pockets, where they belong.
When you buy goods from retailers selling through Shopl® you're ultimately investing in your local community, and setting yourself up to get the stuff you want to be delivered, today!

Launch An Online Store &

Local Delivery Service

If you're looking for a way to sell online and offer your local customers delivery and pickup options, you'll love our platform. 
Shopl® is designed to help you do better local eCommerce.

Don't worry, there's no problem if you have customers based outside your local community. Despite our love for the #shoplocal movement, anyone can shop your browser-based Shopl® store. 
If needed, you can ship orders anywhere in the world. Setting up shipping rates is easy. So is getting paid by credit card, and managing orders.


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