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Shopl® is an eCommerce marketplace with a focus on supporting your local economy. Sign in to browse and buy stuff from various shops located in your neck of the woods.

Give me Convenience.


We all love the convenience of online shopping. Being able to shop anytime, from anywhere has become the new norm for most shoppers in North America.
Online marketplaces like Amazon are hard to resist, because of the convenience they offer, despite the detrimental effect they have on local retail.
Everything in one place delivered to your door in a day or two is hard to beat. 
Our goal is to be an online marketplace where you can find everything in one place, much like Amazon, but with an important twist. 

Shopl® only lets you buy from shops in your area

Buying local is good for your local economy. It's also much more likely that your purchase will be delivered to your door within hours, not days. Now that's convenience!
Our ultimate goal is to offer you everything you need (and want) in one convenient online marketplace. But we're not there yet. Local retailers are signing up daily, adding more goods to our catalog to help us get there. 

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