Partners Wanted

We're looking for local partners to operate Shopl® in various cities. If you have ever thought about launching a local online marketplace in your community, keep reading.


Run Shopl® in your neck of the woods.

Could your city or community benefit from a local marketplace app like Shopl?

Our partners pay a small fee for the exclusive right to operate Shopl® in their local community.

As a partner, you are responsible for getting local retailers and restaurants excited to be on Shopl®. You are in charge of promoting the app and platform in your exclusive territory. Best of all, you get to set your own rates and pocket all the fees collected from Shopl Vendors™ in your area.

Featured Partner

Fisnik runs Shopl® in Grande Prairie, AB

Fisnik Veliu is the owner of Turbo, a successful delivery business operating in Grande Prairie, AB, Canada. His passion for supporting local businesses lead him to create a Facebook group called "Support Local Business GP", which currently 10.5k members. His existing business and experience as the admin of his Facebook Group motivated him to try and develop a delivery app. After months of struggling with offshore developers, he decided to join forces with Shopl® instead.

In March 2021 Fisnik launched Shopl® in Grande Prairie. Since then over 80 local businesses have signed up to sell through the app! Each paying either a commission per order, or a flat monthly fee. As a Shopl Partner™ Fisnik gets to decide how much he wants to charge vendors to sell through the Shopl®. He even offers to take care of deliveries for vendors who don't want to take care of their own deliveries, allowing him to generate additional revenue in the form of delivery fees and tips.
Check out the Facebook page for Shopl Grande Prairie, which currently has over 2,000 likes.
By joining forces with us, Fisnik was able to launch a local eCommerce marketplace in Grande Prairie and start generating revenue within days. He also saved thousands of dollars that he would have spent on app development and maintenance.


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