Shopl® + WooCommerce

Shopl® makes it easy to connect & import your products from your existing WooCommerce online store.

The short tutorial video above will show you exactly how you can connect your existing WooCommerce store to your Shopl® account. 
Once connected you can import all or selected products, from your Woo Commerce store, into Shopl®
In order to follow along with the tutorial, you must have a Shopl Seller's account with an active Shopl Store. If you haven't signed up as a Shopl seller yet, click on the button below, or click on the "Business Sign Up" button above in our navigation.
If you currently run an online store powered by WooCommerce, this integration will save you a lot of time, since it takes care of the heavy-lifting required to get your inventory on Shopl®. 

What the heck is Shopl?


Local Shops & Restaurants All In One Place.

Our user-friendly mobile app lets you buy stuff from various local shops, and order takeout food from nearby restaurants—all in one app.

Making it easy to shop local

As a buyer using the Shopl® App, you can only see and support shops located within a 50-mile radius, as well as restaurants within 15 miles.


Local Convenience

We want to make it easy and convenient for you to shop local, by letting you browse and buy stuff from multiple retailers, all in the palm of your hand.
One app, one user account with one credit card on file for multiple shops and restaurants in your community.
Since you are buying goods from local shops, somebody will likely deliver your purchase to your door within hours, not days. How's that for convenient?

Order takeout food

Like any other takeout delivery app, Shopl® enables you to browse various restaurants, order delicious food, and have it delivered to your door.
Other popular takeout and delivery apps charge restaurants up to 30% in "marketing fees!" We only charge 2.9%. So when you order food through Shopl®, you're putting profits back into your favorite restaurants' pockets, where they belong.


Let's Make It

More ConvenientTo Shop Local 

Online marketplaces like Amazon are hard for people to resist because of the convenience they offer, despite the detrimental effect they have on local retail. Everything in one place, delivered to your door in a day or two is hard to beat.

Our goal is to eventually be an online marketplace where consumers can find everything in one place, but with an important twist. Local sellers only!

Want to start selling through the Shopl App?

Whether you run a retail store or a restaurant, take a few minutes to watch this detailed tutorial, showing just how easy it is to sign up as a Shopl® Seller. Learn how to:

  • Create a "seller" account

  • Complete our easy 8-step onboard checklist.

  • Add or import your products

  • Manage your delivery rates and radius. 

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