Our Affiliate Program

We're an eCommerce startup, looking for referral partners in various cities to help us grow.

About Us

On the one hand, Shopl® is a user-friendly online store builder for retailers, and restaurants wanting to offer local pickup and delivery. 
On the other hand, Shopl® is a location-based mobile app that lets anyone shop local online™. Our app lets you buy goods or order takeout from every Shopl® store based in your neck of the woods

Our revenue model is based on charging restaurants and retailers a transaction fee every time they sell something through our platform. Unlike some of the popular online marketplaces and food delivery platforms that charge "marketing fees" as high as 30%, for now, we only charge 2.9% per transaction!


Shopl Partners

Our growth is built on a network of referral partners who are passionate about the #shoplocal movement.

Shopl Partners™ promote our platform while allowing us to have "boots on the ground" in various cities around the world. They help local retailers and restaurants to get set up and sell on Shopl®.

In addition to this, our partners help in whatever capacity they can, to spread the word to consumers looking for a convenient way to shop locally.

What's in it for you?

Shopl Partners™ get paid 2.9% of every sale their sellers make.

As a Shopl Partner™, your main objective is to get businesses selling on Shopl®. Every business you sign up we considered to be your "seller".
You earn commissions of 2.9% of every sale your clients get through our platform. More specifically, every time your client sell something through our app or through their browser-based Shopl® store, you earn a commission.
Commissions are paid out monthly on an on-going basis, for as long as your clients are getting orders, and you are able to offer them basic support.


As a Shopl Partner™ you'll get access to various tools and resources designed to help you sign up clients, offer support, help promote your clients and drive sales.

E-mail Invites

Once signed into your Shopl Partner™ account you will be able to send e-mail based invites to businesses. All you need is a business name and e-mail address.

Referral Link

We'll give you a unique referral link. Share your link with as many people as possible. If anyone clicks on your link and signs up to sell within five days they become your client.

Promo Code

As a Shopl Partner™ you get a promo code, which you can share with businesses. Heck, you can even offer clients a reduced transaction fee if and when they sign up with your promo code.

Training & Support

The process for sellers to sign up, create a store, manage their products & orders is easy. We'll provide you with training and support so that you can help your clients when they get stuck.

See Our Referral System In Action

Watch the video below to see how Shopl Partners™ access their account in order to invite sellers, access their unique referral link, promo code, view connected sellers, stores, orders, and more.

Partner Resources


E-mail & Business Cards

We'll provide you with a personal Shopl® email address and high-quality business cards.


Exclusive Partner Apparel

Exclusive Shopl Partner™ apparel including unisex T-shirts, hoodies, golf shirts, and headwear.



We've got rolls upon rolls of high-quality stickers to share with your brick-and-mortar sellers.



Our stunning eight-page brochure is the tangible piece of literature some prospective sellers need.


Wrap Your Ride

We encourage partners to brand their vehicles, with a full wrap or a little more subtle. 

Our partners are individuals of all ages, from a wide variety of backgrounds. Some have experience in Business-to-business (B2B) sales, while others are influencers or experts with strong digital marketing skills. 

Whether you are looking for a side hustle, another on-going revenue stream, or a career change, the Shopl Partner™ Program might be exactly what you are looking for.

Partner Organizations

Our partner program is open to organizations such as local business districts, farmers' markets, and business networking groups. If you have members looking for a better way to sell online, offer local delivery & pickup, or simply interested in additional sales channels, apply today.


Our Ideal Partners

Sales People

If you're a trusted business-to-business salesperson with a long list of retail or restaurant clients, selling Shopl® will allow you to build up a nice on-going revenue stream.

Web Designers

As a web designer, setting your client up with an online store powered by Shopl® really makes sense when you consider the upside of getting paid every time a client sells something.

Mad Men

Advertising agencies are perfectly equipped to build online stores for their retail and restaurant clients, and then, help drive sales with an effective advertising campaign. Ka-ching!


Savvy influencers looking for another way to leverage their reach to earn passive revenue, look no further. All you need to do is share your referral link with the right people.

Content Creators

Savvy content creators leverage your youtube channel or podcast, create content that promotes selling on Shopl®, drop your referral link in the show notes, and boom!

Traditional Media Companies

Radio stations, TV broadcasters, newspapers, and magazine publishers leverage your existing sales force and media reach to build a digital revenue stream through Shopl®.

Farmers Markets

Farmers' markets are perfect partners because their vendors are geared to sell locally. Letting consumers buy online and offering pickup at market days is a great idea!

Chambers Of Commerce

As a partner, you can choose to forgo your some or all of your commissions, thus reducing the fees your members pay when they sell on Shopl. Now that's a membership perk!

Shopping Districts

Local shopping districts looking for ways to drive more sales to their members, and ideas to raise funds on an ongoing basis, will get a kick out of our partner program.

Facebook Group Admins

If you're in charge of a related Facebook group, signing up as a Shopl Partner is a no brainer. Leverage your admin privileges to share your referral link and promote Shopl®


The App

Our user-friendly mobile app lets you buy stuff from various local shops, and order takeout food from nearby restaurants—all in one app.


Let's makes it easy to shop local

As a buyer using the Shopl® App, you can only see and support shops located within a 50-mile radius, as well as restaurants within 15 miles.

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